Type designation

In order to recognize our type designation easily, it is convenient to know where the letters and numbers stand for.

The digits in the type designation indicates the width and the span of the mudguard. The first two digits indicate the width in cm and the last two or three digits indicate the span in cm.

Type HR stands for Angle Round

Type HMHR stands for Angular Model Angle Round

Type R stands for Round

Type HMR stands for Angular Model Around

Type THRD stands for Tandem Angled Round Reinforced (higher pressure level on the top)

Type THRV stands for Tandem Angle Round Flat

Type THMHRD stands for Tandem Angled Model Angular Round Reinforced

Type TRV stands for Tandem Round Flat

Type THMRV stands for Tandem Angular Model Round Flat

Type THRW stands for Tandem Angular Round Wide (increased top height)

Type TRW stands for Tandem Round Wide

Type HMK stands for Angular Model Plastic

Type THMK stands for Tandem Angular Model Plastic

Type HMS stands for Angular Model Shield (short plastic mudguard for Tippers, Cartrailers, etc.)

Type HMAQ stands for Angular Model in aluminum checker plate

Type THMAQ stands for tandem angular model in aluminum checker plate

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