De Haan Box:

Compact high-quality boxes made of aluminum checker plate in 2.5/4mm thickness. These multifunctional boxes of Dutch manufacture, can also be fit on the drawbar of a trailer. Due to the short lid, the box can be mounted directly against the front side of a trailer. A rubber seal ensures that these boxes are waterproof and dustproof to IP55. De Haan Boxes are available in thirteen standard sizes.


Profibox Plus:

The Profibox Plus is a storage box for the drawbar of a trailer. It’s an aerodynamic box with a modern design. The overlapping lid and increased inner edges ensure that the Profibox Plus is water- and dustproof, in accordance with IP55. The box is strong, has more volume and can be embedded more flexible than its predecessor. An assembly kit with bolts and spacers is optional. The box can be closed by a padlock, which is also offered as an option. The Profibox Plus is made of environmentally-friendly black polypropylene (PP) and is therefore easy to recycle.
Weight: 2.5 Kg


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